do you know what's going on in this town?


i think i live in a pretty shady place.

i find it beautiful sometimes: there's a lot of greenery, most of the bodies of water are mysteriously murky (i like that!), and the clouds in the sky always have something to offer.

however i am well aware that this place has never really been safe. these are just some of the things i've found/encountered.

date unknown, 2017-2018: the photo

one day as i was getting ready to leave for school, uniform on and everything,

as soon as i stepped out of my house i noticed a strange, small paper on the sidewalk in front.

the image on the paper was in black and white, and it took me a while to figure out what it was.

i had found someone's tiny ultrasound photo.

i've got no idea who it belongs to, and no one on my street to my knowledge is expecting anyone.